Houseplants: Past, Present and Future

The Helpful Gardeners

26-02-2023 • 46 mins

In this weeks episode.... a brief history on houseplants, a fieldtrip,
  • 00:00 | In this Episode....
  • 03:00 | History of Houseplants
  • 06:30 | Lighting for Houseplants
  • 09:00 | Social Pressure for Houseplants / Normalize Brown Leaves
  • 12:20 | Poll: "Why do you keep Houseplants?"
  • 16:20 | Southern Alberta Institute of Technology - Student Wellness
  • 20:00 | Ode to a great starter plant: The Spider Plant!
  • 23:10 | Gifting Houseplants
  • 27:00 | Poll: "Foliage or Flowers?"
  • 31:50 | Beware of Google
  • 35:20 | Houseplants and Wellness: another tool in the toolbox
  • 40:13 | Question of the Week
  • 45:04 | Next Week....
Plants have a surprisingly long history inside our homes. People would take great pride in their houseplants, and would sometimes even rent them to feature in their parlour when visitors would come around.


Our question of the week comes from Holly Marisco who asks, "When do you re-pot, how do you divide them, when do you fertilize and how?" Listen in to find out what Colin recommends to help keep your houseplants healthy!

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We're bringing it back to seeds! Colin will get to nerd out on the science behind seeds, and we'll take you through the process of selection, preparation, planting and caring for them.

In the meantime, catch up on past episodes including Seed Starting: Is it for you? Also, partake in our Instagram polls and questionaire next Tuesday for funsies :)