Overcoming "Emotional Toxins" for a (More) Stress-Free Life with Billie Jauss (Bonus Episode)

Minimalist Moms

14-04-2023 • 25 mins

Joining me today is author, Billie Jauss. Billie is an accomplished author of two books, 'Making Room' and 'Distraction Detox', as well as a dynamic speaker and the host of 'The Family Room' podcast. Today, Billie will share with us her personal journey of overcoming emotional barriers that left her feeling stuck, uncertain, and discouraged.

She discovered that despite simplifying her schedule and taking control of chaos in her life, she needed to address the emotional toxins that were holding her back from claiming confidence and fulfillment. Join me as Billie shares her experience and practical tips on how to detox from what she calls "emotional toxins", comparison vs. conviction, how to eliminate "right-hand syndrome" and more...


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Show Notes for Bonus Episode: Distraction Detox

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