EP276: “My Family of 6 Lives in an 830 Sq Ft House BY CHOICE—And We Have No Regrets” with Andee Martineu

Minimalist Moms

11-05-2023 • 33 mins

In the midst of the pandemic, while everyone in tiny apartments was looking to trade up to a larger home, Andee Martineau did the opposite. She and her husband sold their 7,000 square foot home in Arizona and moved their family of six (plus two kids in college) into a cabin by a lake in Utah. Andee went from having a two-story home with two kitchens and two laundry rooms to a two-story cabin with only two bedrooms and one bathroom. Yes: one bathroom.

They weren’t broke, rather worn down. The fairy tale is the big house, but the reality was that Andee spent all of her time cleaning the 15+-room home, keeping up with 1.5 acres of land, managing the pool and raking the lawn. She desired for more time with family, but with all that space sometimes they were so spread out in the house - she'd had no idea who was doing what...

In this episode, Andee will be sharing her story of how she made this decision, what inspired her to choose this path, and how it has impacted her family's life. She will talk about the benefits and challenges of living with less, including spending more quality time with her family and lightening the mental load that comes with having too much stuff.


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