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The one thing all humans have in common is our capacity to love and Broadcast Love is devoted to instilling a sense of hopefulness, excitement, adventure, and most of all – love – within each one of you. Enjoy listening to our stories of love. read less
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Episode 52: Mitra
Episode 52: Mitra
We can improve our capacity for emotional regulation, as well as reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, by engaging in mindfulness practices. It's not good to have expectations since they keep you from being in acceptance and from moving you forward in time. You grow more conscious via mindfulness training, and finally being in the now comes naturally to you. Discover how self-love is also achieved when you can understand and appreciate mindfulness as your approach to experiencing life and its challenges. In this episode: When we don't live up to our standards, we tend to love ourselves only under certain conditions and criticize ourselves harshly. It takes perseverance, effort, and dedication to navigate the challenging path to self-love. Mitra’s story shares both her online and offline revelations on her road to practicing mindfulness, which has made her a wiser person. She talks about self-care through the little things we do that bring us a sense of peacefulness and calmness that can be achieved in our daily lives by being present and aware. [06:00] So self-love to me, honestly, is taking care of myself in all ways. It's really being there for myself. [11:15] Being offline and being present […helps us in becoming wise] [18:57] We have one beautiful life to be here on Earth to experience this human experience. [20:47] We need to surround ourselves with people that fill us up and if someone is draining, you must love yourself enough to let these people go. [21:31] I truly want to live where I deal with things as they come each day so that every day when I wake-up I am not thinking about something six months ago. I deal with it.