From Just Between Us with Allison & Gaby: Kayla Weissbuch on Camp Brave Trails

Well-Read Black Girl with Glory Edim

12-04-2022 • 7 mins

We're sharing a special preview of the Forever Dog podcast, Just Between Us with Allison and Gaby. Hosted by writers Allison Raskin & Gaby Dunn, Just Between Us is a variety show that is filled with heartfelt advice, ridiculous games, and some of the most honest talk you'll hear on a podcast! From discussions on mental health to relationships to interviews with some of the most fascinating people you can think of, Just Between Us really feels like you're in a deep conversation with friends. In this preview, Gaby & Allison chat with Kayla Weissbuch, co-founder and executive director of Camp Brave Trails, a summer camp designed to be a haven for LGBTQ youth, where they can build community, meet supportive adult mentors, and gain leadership skills.You can listen to Just Between Us wherever you get your podcasts:

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