Ep011 Does the shape of your wine glass matter?

No Snob Wine

31-03-2022 • 21 mins

Chuck and Sean debate whether or not the shape of your wine glass influences your enjoyment of the wine. They share their go-to glass shapes, tips for serving wine, and etiquette for switching between red and white. They agreed that the shape of the glass does matter, but it’s not what you think. It has more to do with the shape of the opening than the whole glass. When it comes to red vs. white wine and glass shape, they do have one piece of advice you’ll want to follow next time you have dinner guests.

Chuck shares a textbook example of old world Spanish red wine (Rioja) and Sean features a very versatile red from Portugal (Castelāo and Touriga Nacional).

For more information about the wines featured in this episode...

Montecillo Rioja Reserva 2013 $18.95


Waterdog Red Portugal $12.80


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