Ep 008 Getting the Most Out of Inexpensive Wine: Decant It

No Snob Wine

17-02-2022 • 18 mins

Chuck and Sean talk about decanting wine and share their tips and tricks on the subject. Did you know that decanting inexpensive wine can actually improve the flavor? Sean shares his surprising technique for decanting and Chuck proves almost anything can act as a decanter. Then they tackle the idea of “Hyper Decanting” as depicted in HBO’s Succession. Yes, it’s a real thing and the guys are coming armed with a blender.

Chuck features a red from Italy and Sean features a red from Spain. In this episode they taste and rate the wines before decanting and then offer their thoughts on the same wines after an hour of decanting.

For more information on the wines featured in this episode…

Fantini Primitivo 2020


Honoro Vera Organic Red Blend 2020


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