How to Develop and Refine Your Intuition to Welcome a Flow of Divine Guidance from Your Higher Self

The Golden Light Academy - 3 Minutes of Wisdom

14-10-2022 • 2 mins

Sharing 3 Minutes of Wisdom and Understanding: Intuition is like a drop of water, a drop of knowledge from our higher self guiding us on our journey. It is an experience that is always loving and peaceful, never evoking fear or panic, and it emphasizes or calls our attention to something in particular around us, something we need to be conscious of. If we trust it, we open the channel to our higher self and welcome a flow of Divine guidance, but if we doubt it or hesitate, we are closing the channel.

Golden Light Visualization:

Raising Our State of Consciousness:

Raising Our Vibration:


Soundtrack by Emmanuel Lacopo:

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