Why All the Light in My Life Faded Away, and a 15-Year Dark Chapter Began When I Was 18

The Golden Light Academy - 3 Minutes of Wisdom

15-07-2022 • 2 mins

Sharing 3 Minutes of Wisdom and Understanding: My spiritual journey started when I was 9 years old, and it started with a dark experience called the Dark Night of the Soul. It lasted an entire week, but the morning after this experience, I woke up with an angel sitting by my side, holding a bright sphere, and as she lowered this light in my head, my mind filled with divine knowledge. This angelic experience occurred regularly throughout my life but all the light in my life then faded away at 18, and a 15-year dark chapter began.

David Lacopo - Founder, The Golden Light Academy:


Soundtrack by Emmanuel Lacopo: https://withkoji.com/@Emmanuel_Lacopo

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