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Episode 95: Jeff Gargas | The Evolution of Education
Episode 95: Jeff Gargas | The Evolution of Education
Today, Candice welcomes the COO of, Jeff Gargas, to talk all about his online resource for teachers, the self-led student, and the evolution of education! -    -    -    -    - Like what you hear? Make sure to share with your colleagues and loved ones, and rate and review us on iTunes! Show Notes: 0:25 - Candice welcomes Jeff to the podcast and he discusses his journey to now 2:38 - Who Jeff speaks to 3:15 - What is the Grid Method? 6:05 - Giving control back to the students in the classroom 8:50 - On the treatment of gifted students  12:13 - Are there options for kids to learn entrepreneurship and different electives that are not available in a traditional school setting? 15:16 - What has Jeff noticed in the last 2+ years in working with teachers during the COVID shift? 19:44 - Were teachers receptive to this business, or overwhelmed by ANOTHER thing? 21:44 - Is Jeff finding that people are open to new ideas because they had to adapt (as they are easing out of the pandemic)? 24:24 - Are the dynamics changed because the gifted students aren't helping out as they may in a traditional classroom? On collaboration 29:16 - Are they finding that goal-oriented students are motivated to hurry up when they see other students working on something interesting? 31:17 - Is there an age where this works better? 33:41 - On teacher bias 34:07 - Are students better prepared for college or university? 35:17 - On being a self-led student 37:48 - What are Jeff's business plans over the next few years? 39:50 - Wrap up