Cloning Plants for Succession and Expansion -Ep. 198

Just Grow Something | The "Why" Behind the "How" of Gardening

21-05-2024 • 36 mins

One of the strategies I use and encourage other gardeners to use for getting the most out of their gardens each year is succession planting. This is the process of planting a new crop of something after the first one has a little bit of growth on it so that we can harvest pretty continuously or planting a second crop after a first one has given its all.

This might make you think that you need to be buying new transplants or starting new seedlings all over again to get these succession plantings in the ground on time. Often times, for things like leafy greens or squashes, we can just pop some seeds directly in the garden and call it good. But for larger plants or those that grow slowly from seed, like tomatoes or basil, it’s better to transplant them as started seedlings. The fastest and easiest way to do this is with cloning.

We’re not talking about the sci fi version of cloning or even Dolly-the-sheep type clones. Propagating your own plants from cuttings of your most productive vegetable, herb or fruit plants can be very simple and straightforward and does not require any special equipment. Not only can you do this for your garden successions but it’s a good way to get new plants for expanding the garden, too.

Today on Just Grow Something, we’ll cover the easiest vegetables, fruits, and herbs to clone for either succession plantings or just for expanding the garden, the benefits of cloning, and exactly how to clone them. You might be surprised and just how easy it is. Let’s dig in!

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