63: AI Soap Opera & Velcro Hacks


08-12-2023 • 1 hr 34 mins

In this episode, Erik and Kris tackle the unfolding drama at OpenAI and its implications. Kris discusses his recent AI panel discussion at MRU, while Erik offers an overview of his latest home organization project. Both hosts will share their holiday gift guide tips, perfect for the tech-savvy and the organized.


AI Soap Opera

AI Panel Discussion Highlights:

  • Context of AI in Research: Discussing the evolving role of AI in academic and professional research settings.
  • Panelist Introductions: Each panelist shares their background and how AI intersects with their research.
  • Diverse Perspectives on AI: Highlighting unique insights from each panelist, providing a broad view of AI's role in different research areas.
  • Practical Applications of AI: Exploring how panelists currently use AI in their work, including specific tools and methodologies.
  • Successes and Challenges: Discussing what has worked well in AI-driven research and addressing the limitations and issues faced.
  • The Future of AI in Research: Debating whether AI is a permanent fixture in research and the value of investing in AI knowledge and tools.
  • AI as Collaborator or Competitor: Examining views on whether AI is augmenting human research capabilities or posing a threat to traditional research roles.
  • Human Skills vs. AI Capabilities: Delving into which human skills might remain irreplaceable by AI and what research aspects can be effectively outsourced to AI technologies.
  • Impact on Research Quality: Analyzing how AI tools influence the quality and rigor of research and their implications for academic integrity.
  • Ethical Considerations in AI Research: Addressing the pressing ethical concerns in integrating AI into research and discussing potential norms for ethical AI use.
  • AI, Accessibility, and Inclusivity: Exploring the implications of AI on inclusivity in research, especially between well-funded and under-funded programs, and discussing measures for fair representation.

Organizational Guide:

  • Cable Management: Emphasize the importance of Velcro ties for efficient cable organization.
  • Labeling Essentials: Discuss the use of label tape and whiteout pens for clear labeling, even without a label maker.
  • Consistent Systems: Stress the importance of grouping related items and maintaining a consistent organizational system.
  • Space Utilization: Highlight the use of 3M Command hooks for maximizing space, especially inside cupboards.
  • Document Organization: Recommend accordion folders for essential document storage, such as receipts and manuals.
  • Life Consolidation: Encourage listeners to a

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