EdTech Examined

Erik Christiansen & Kris Hans

EdTech Examined is a podcast about all things education technology. Tune in to listen to Erik Christiansen and Kris Hans provide practical tech tips for college and university educators, discuss relevant tech news and answer your tech questions.
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35: All Meta
1 hr 7 mins
35: All Meta34: Zettelkasten33: Rewind Episode - Teaching in Virtual Reality32: A World Without Email31: Back to School Guide 202130: Rewind Episode - Building Better Teams29: Futurecast28: Window Dressing27: Jim Gibson, Chief Catalyst, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology26: AI Apples25: Silvia Rossi, Learning Strategist at Mount Royal University24: Elizabeth Cannon, former University of Calgary President23: Apple Spring Loaded Event22: Rewind Episode - Capture, Configure, Control21: Behind the Curtain20: Less is More19: Curt Newton, Director of MIT OpenCourseWare18: Time Vampires17: Privacy is Cool16: 2021 Forecast