Black History Month 2023

Ongoing History of New Music

22-02-2023 • 25 mins

A couple of years back, I did an episode called “The Diversity Show” ran in February as part of Black History Month...the goal was to salute the contributions of people of African descent to the world of rock... It was quite the list...Jimi Hendrix...we had to talk about Jimi, one of the greatest guitarists of all time...then there was Death,  a criminally overlooked band from Detroit called Death who were about 20 years ahead of their time... We talked about Bad Brains, the great hardcore band from DC...we moved to English for discussions about Ska stars The Specials and The English beat...the punk-funk of Fishbone, the metal crunch of both Living Colour and Ice-T’s and BodyCount And we included Lenny kravitz, Bloc Party, Bakar, Kenny Hoopla, and more... But the list was incomplete, of course...there was only so much time and there are so many people and events we need to talk let’s spread the recognition around a little more for Black History Month 2023... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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