S3 Ep2: February - We’re dreaming of a colourful summer garden!

The Organic Gardening Podcast

07-02-2023 • 56 mins

Spring is just around the corner and our Organic Gardening Podcast team are sharing their excitement at the gardening year ahead.

Our head of horticulture Chris Collins chats to Fiona about his love of hardy annual flowers. He discusses how to prepare ahead and get the ground ready, and what to sow for a fabulous display in the summer. At his allotment, he’s making new plants from old by lifting and dividing herbaceous perennials.

And Sarah Brown chats to Jack Wallington about his move from London to an exposed hillside smallholding in Yorkshire.

The ecological grower, garden designer and author of A Greener Life, shares the challenges and joys of gardening in a new location. The focus of his new garden follows the same sustainable principles of his London garden and allotment, with nature at its heart.

“We’re not here to control the garden, it’s the other way around – we’re here to help everything else thrive,” he says. “But you can do something really good for the world by producing a home for insects or growing your own food, so you reduce transport miles and packaging. Organic gardening is core to all of that – better for you and the planet.”