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Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

New Canadian Indie & Alternative. Cover: Hayley Gene Penner


1Everything is Fine2Fish Terry3Flowers on the Fire Escape4Quite Like You5276CURSED7Leave This Home8Golden Hour9Long View10Soft Landing11concentrate12Aeroplane Song13Awful Lightning14Wannabe15Theme From Trans-Canada Highwaymen16Tambourine17I Knew18Golden Eyes19Exodus20Never Get Enough [feat. Katie Tupper]21Couleur préférée22Sleeper23The Main Thing24Who The Hell Am I?25Name of God26Along The Mountain Road27Don't Forget Me28Pistachio Park29i can't find anyone30Endless31I'm Starting to Think I'm Bad at Parties32Boys Don't Cry (Amazon Music Original)33Terrible Perfect Timing34Sweety35Simply Paradise36Never Grow Up37Sitcom38The Hand That Fits The Glove39The Animals40Piggyback (Blue Hawaii & DJ Kirby Remix)41Fire Escape (elsewhere version)42Panic & Apathy43Milk44détours45Ancestors Too Young46Prrrblm47Ford Econoline48Bowls49Du temps50Mystery Street51Hannah in the City (Close Friends Story Version)52let u in53Not Afraid To Change54LOOK AT YOU NOW55Viv56All Mine57xo skeleton58Good To Me59Monaco60Highways61Push My Luck62Penthouse63Cold Tea64Body65Close To Me66Parallel67The Game68Into The Unknown69Révolution (la chanson) (Radio Édith)70Time71Run Wild72Wasn’t Easy73L'échafaud74Sugar Land75Air, Light & Harmony76Eagle Man / Changing Woman77Still Up Late (Acoustic)78Get Even79Razz80Dirty Hands81Attention82The King Of Western Swing83Alone In America84Oublier85Who Would You Be For Me86Broken Blocks87Bright Green Vibrant Gray88how do you love a man89Headlines90Not The Name You Say91You Up?92What's Even Real Anymore93What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Paranoid94Knock The Wind95Couches Killing Me96Spinning Wheel97You Always Get What You Want98SWEET99Nothing Is Perfect100The Call’s Inside The House101Carried…102Say When103It's on Me104i think i like your girlfriend105Hard Headed106Drive107Car Crash108DOPAMINE109Alone110M.I.A111Second Time Around112Fake Happy113Grace114Life's A Joke115tired116Home117It gets better118Somebody Else119Dreamer120King of Wands121Dirk Gently (Know Yourself)122Close123SMILE124Blame Brett125Claws (Off The Floor Version)126People, Places, Changes127Hoppe128Mountain Road129Better Somehow130Spring Bug131condition of us132Eloise133Dead Shopping Mall134Parfaite à l'écran135To Learn136Worm Day137All Dogs Go To Heaven138It's Always Warm In San Araya139Praying For Something Good140Harder 2 Smile141À quoi tu penses