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No big deal, just some amazing new indie music that will make your day. Cover: fanclubwallet


1You Have Got to Be Kidding Me2Loving Is Easy (Amazon Original)3All I Need4Fulton Park5Turn Up The Sunshine (From 'Minions: The Rise of Gru' Soundtrack)6A Jacket for a Rainy Lady7neverend8Vieux garçons9Patrick Bateman10200111Sunburn12frown131614extra15Harder16Lavender Girl17i'm fine18Fables19Bones20Life Round Here (Amazon Music Live)21Santeria (Amazon Original)225D23Roman Candles24Thin Thing25Forever In Sunset26coming of age27On the Line28Loner29More30Tired of Taking It Out On You31Meteorite32New Ways33Lady Lightyear34beautiful day35a.m. radio (acoustic)36Hardcore37Karaoke38Age of Anxiety II (Rabbit Hole)39STAR40Talk to Me, Talk to Me41Funeral42Mistakes43Dive Deep44The Last Man On Earth (Lullaby Version)45Nikki Go Sudden46A Driver Saved My Night47Hide48DNA49Gotta Do Something50Wishful Thinking51Hard To Tell You52Capelton Hill53Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)54See you Soon55Empty in My Mind56Millennium57Up the Mountain58A Random Act Of Kindness59Bottom of the Ocean60Big Time61Caution62Cut up High and Dry63Where the Water Clears the Illusion64Don't Give It Away65Getting Used To66Run Rabbit Run67Lying68Love33369It Will Come In Time70Rat Race71JUMPSHOT!72One and Only73brain food74crushed.zip75Hips76Speeding 7277Chrysanthemums78all i ever wanted (was you)79graves80Glide (cover)81Roman Holiday82Favorite Peeps83Good News84Sidelines85Beautiful World86Until I Found You (Em Beihold Version)87I Don't Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)88Melting In A Shallow Body of Water89Trying to Be Nice90Flyin (like a fast train)91Colour Me Blue92Making Money93Apple Tree Blues94She Makes Men95Top Down96Sweet Susie97Can't At All (Radio Edit)98Settle Down99Million Little Problems100Reckless Reckless101Something Changed102Orange Blood103Ur Mum104hate to be lame105Kiss Me (I Loved You)106Perfected Steps107Pana-vision108Party Trick109Alma