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Acoustic Country

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Country to the core, acoustic and stripped.


1Better Boat (feat. Mindy Smith)2Beautiful Crazy (Acoustic)3Something in the Orange (Z&E's Version)4Are You Still Up? (Acoustic)5I Wish Grandpas Never Died (Acoustic)6Breakups (Acoustic)7Never Wanted To Be That Girl (Acoustic Version)8Fighting (Acoustic)9Got Your Name On It (Acoustic)10Sideways (Acoustic)11Let Me Go12Nashville Or Nothing (Stripped)13The Bones (Acoustic)14Loving and Hating You (717 Tapes)15Somebody Like That (Acoustic)16Never Run Outta Road (Acoustic)17Boy Like Me (Acoustic)18There Was This Girl (Acoustic)19Glad You Exist (Acoustic)20Wedding Dress (Piano Version)21We Didn’t Have Much (Acoustic)22In Between (Acoustic)23I Hope You’re Happy Now (Acoustic)24Broke and Lonely (Unplugged)25Good Day (Live From Europe)26Where I'm From (Acoustic Version)27If You Never Broke My Heart (Unplugged)28Diamonds (Acoustic)29Not Yet (Acoustic)30201631These Days (The Loft Sessions)32Cowboy Take Me Away33I Can't (feat. Old Dominion) (Acoustic)34Safe Place to Break (Acoustic)35Cruise (Acoustic)36Single Man (Acoustic Version)37Bluebird (Acoustic)38We Were (Acoustic Version)39Rhiannon (Uncovered)40Settling Down (Acoustic)41You All Over Me (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) [feat. Maren Morris]42Some Girls (Acoustic)43Die From A Broken Heart (Acoustic)44Girl Goin' Nowhere45Make It Sweet (Acoustic)46Nobody But You (Duet with Gwen Stefani) [Acoustic]47Everywhere But On (Acoustic)48Tennessee Boy49All On Me (Songs in the Key of F) [Live]50Drops Of Jupiter (The Piano Sessions)51Hallelujah (Amazon Original)52Somebody's Daughter (Acoustic)53Lose It (Acoustic)54Wild As Me (Acoustic)55You Got Me (Stripped)56No I in Beer (Acoustic)57Lifted (Acoustic)58To a T (Stripped)59Better Off Gone (Acoustic Sessions)60Drowning (Piano Version)61Make Me Want To (Acoustic)62Lost (Acoustic)63Country Thunder (Acoustic)64The Good Ones (Downtown Session)65Good Girl (Acoustic)66Keeping Score (Acoustic)67Take It From Me (Stripped)68Eyes On You (Acoustic)69Moment of Weakness (Acoustic Edition)70Just to See You Smile (Amazon Original)71You Broke Up with Me72Kiss Me Quiet (Acoustic Version)73Greatest Love Story74Either Way75Hard To Forget (Acoustic)76Look What God Gave Her (Acoustic)77For Her (Acoustic)78First Taste of Gone