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1Savage2Shivering (feat. Spiritbox)3Check4Turn The Lights Down Low5Worship6Move It7Love The Way8The One9Offshore10Bad Lie11DOPAMINE12Psycho (feat. Rebecca Helena)13Lonely14Find You15Runaway16LIGHTWAVES17Rockin'18Absolution19Holding On To Something20What Would You Do? (feat. Bryson Tiller) [David Guetta Festival Mix]21TELL ME22Don’t Let Me Go23Cocoon24BLACK MAGIC25Retrophonic26Coming Back27Funkatron28Take It Away29Timeout30Push It31Salt [feat. Clozee]32Salvation33One More Time34Dance35Era Of Rave36Echoes37Tonight We Dance38Another Goodbye (Tritonia 380)39Back To My Love40What Would You Do? (feat. Bryson Tiller) [Alle Farben Remix]41LIES (feat. REAH)42Loneliness43Pressure44Heaven45So Far So Good46Riptide47No Illusions48Manipulated49Music Sounds Better with You50KHAZAR51Disco Champ52Trust Fall53Seek & Destroy54Killing Me Softly55Boomer Ok (Radio Edit)56Revolution57Sunburn58Colors59Dangerous60Heroes For One Day61Poggers62Surdose63Otherside64Priorities (feat. EMMA LX)65Cafe Del Mar66gettin' hott67We Find Ourselves (Edit)68Child69Little Time70Somebody Else (feat. Livingston Crain)71Feedback (feat. Jordan Macdonald)72Funk73Spilt Milk74My Sweet Heaven (feat. Stealth)75D.N.A.76It's Tricky77Dive Deep78Come With Me79Run & Hide80iPad (Codeko Remix)81Dancing In The Fire82Syzygy83Give Me Your Love84Only You85Sao Paulo86Just Dance87That I Know88Follow Me (Sick Individuals Remix - Amazon Original)89Chemical Mentalist90Ready Or Not (feat. Ayah Marar)91Evolving92Desolation93LET'S ROCK94Edge Of Paradise95Before U96Quantum97Turn Up The Bass98Melody (Tiësto Remix)99Wake100Claim To Fame101This Time It Hurts102Ready Or Not103Push104Centaur105Stop The World106Back To The Start (feat. Isaac Warburton)107Day by Day (DubVision Remix)108MAKI109Redlight110Find My Way111Point112Lose My Mind113Across The Sun (feat. Vanessa Campagna)114New Day115Gravity116Do It To It (Sub Focus Remix) [feat. Cherish & Sub Focus]117The Motto (Öwnboss Remix)118Ininna Tora119Call My Name120Oxygen